Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a tribute act and a cover band? Well, it's generally accepted that a tribute act will dress up as the band they are 'impersonating', whereas a covers band will just play the music. Some covers bands play the music of many artists and some specialise in a particular artist or band. These days it's hard not to find a tribute act for just about any well known artist or band.

I'm taking a look at the Rolling Stones tribute and cover acts in the UK and there are plenty to check out! You might be wondering why there are so many tribute acts around the world? Are these musicians all in tribute acts just for the love of the music? Well, some are, but there's a lot of money involved here, particularly for the tribute acts. 

Think about it. Let's assume that you're an ardent Rolling Stones fan. If you want to see the Stones live then you have to wait until they're touring, which can be every 2 or 3 years, or sometimes longer. Then you have the problem of the large venue. In order for the Stones to meet the demand for tickets they have to play in some very large venues. I've seen the Stones at Twickenham for example, and even with the big screens it's hard to see what's going on without a pair of binoculars, or £500 to buy a good seat at the front. Even if those front row tickets were only £5 each, they are still limited in number.

So that's where the Rolling Stones tribute band come into the picture. They give us a flavour of the 'real thing' but we can see them without having to go to a venue like Wembley Stadium. We know they're not the Rolling Stones, but we also know they're going to play the music and look a bit like the real thing. Some of the tribute acts have got the whole 'tongue in cheek' show off to a fine art. It's family entertainment on your doorstep and they play your favourite songs, at a local venue, and you won't need to sell your art collection to be able to afford to see their shows. Expect to pay about £15 for a good seat as opposed to £500 or more for the real thing!

Thank heavens for the Rolling Stones tribute acts – they're keeping live Rolling Stones music alive!

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The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the Wolds! It's phoney rock and roll!

Stikkyfingers have been playing the music of the Rolling Stones for over 10 years and in that time we've appeared on local BBC radio four times, we've played Tribfest twice and nearly appeared on the Chris Evans Show,lol!

We don't LOOK like the Rolling Stones – we just SOUND like them, and if you want us to play at your party we're a lot cheaper than the Rolling Stones!