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Rolling Stones songs by Stikkyfingers:-

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Little Queenie

Little Red Rooster

You Can't Always Get What You Want


Get Off My Cloud
All Over Now
Not Fade Away
Around and Around
Spider and the Fly
Paint it,Black
Ruby Tuesday
Dead Flowers
Wild Horses
Little Red Rooster
Just My Imagination

Start Me Up
Under My Thumb
19th Nervous Breakdown
Honky Tonk Women
Brown Sugar
Jumping Jack Flash
Miss You/Stop Breaking Down
Little Queenie
You Cant Always Get What You Want
Sympathy for the Devil
Gimme Shelter
It's Only Rock and Roll


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These songs were recorded at the MAG Farmyard bash 2004 at Duncombe Park, Helmsley. There were about 8000 people at the event and we played in the Blues tent. Our lineup consisted of John MIlton on Drums, Mike (Bealey) Beale on Bass, Mr X on lead guitar and Ian Gillon on harmonica, rhythmn guita and vocals. If you check out our Youtube channel you can see our soundcheck.

We have a CD available of the event and here are the reviews of the CD:-

Our Live CD was recorded at the MAG farmyard event at Helmsley in June 2004.

The following are comments made by people who have heard our CD …..

"It's really very good!

They open with Little Red Rooster – and I swear that the guitar is so good it gives me butterflies! Nuff said for that one!

You Can't Always Get What You Want is next (minus the choir!). The guitar is so soft, it makes the song have a delicate feel. Ian really sounds like Mick in this song, and I really love the bass!

If I'm honest, I don't know what the third song is called – I've never heard it before, so I can't really comment, but still sounds good! And very Stonsyfied!

Next up is my fave, Gimme shelter, so I am going to be a bit biased. Now, Ian, don't throttle me, because you did say comment honestly, I think that it would be better if there was a woman accompanying you. But that's only my opinion, if you are getting good comments, then ignore what I'm saying! Other than that, Bloody Fantastic, with a capital B and a capital F! I love the drums and I love the bass and the guitars. Ok, I love it!

It's All Over Now. I love this one! You make it really upbeat and lively. It sounds really fresh. LOVE the guitar solo! A fantastic cover of a fantastic song! (And the first UK no. 1 for the Stones!)

Next – Angie. Ok, don't laugh at me – this made me cry. In a good way, I promise! I absolutely love Angie anyway, but I was listening to it with my eyes closed and imaginging it in concert and didn't hear Stikky Fingers – I heard the Stones. It is so accurate. A fugging awesome cover.

Paint It Black. I like this one – I'm not sure about the Sitar effect though. I feel that it could be more Sitar-like. Otherwise, it's good. I adore the person doing the person doing the 'hmm hmm hmm hmm' thing in the background! Bless 'im!

Miss You! Woo! Such a fantastic opening! And Ian, you really sound like Mick in this one. Possibly one of the best on the CD. But, I love them all, so I couldn't pick one. Like with Angie, this one sounds so much like the Stones, but this one didn't make me cry! And Oh. My. God. The harmonica! You have to teach me how to play!

Can I please congratulate you on an AMAZ cd! I can't wait to see you live! So get down to Suffolk, pronto!

Annie – 12 November 2004 (at forum)


Hi Mick, um Stikkfinger, I mean Ian-

I'm so excited. Your CD was in the mail today and I just finished listening to it. You guys are incredible. You really do sound like the Stones, and you had some good tunes on there. When I was listening to YCAGWYW, my mind started to wander, and when I came back to earth it took me a minute to realize that was not Mick singing. The same with Miss You, which is one of my faves. Paint It, Black, Angie, Gimme Shelter, really all of them, were top notch. To be truthful with you, I never thought I would much care to see/hear a Stones Tribute band. You know, it's the Stones or nothing. But I was in for a very pleasant surprise. Thank you again, so much, for send the CD to me. When you come play in San Diego you'll have to let me know, cause I'll be your biggest fan.

Chaz – 18 November 2004 (at forum)


26 November 2004

Check out the first 'official' review at Stones Zone ("Angie – Awwwww… Absolute perfection.")

Live at the MAG Farmyard – 19th June 2004
Addict's official review

  • · Little Red Rooster – This one grabbed me right from the first note! If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn it was The Stones getting in to their groove. Then come the vocals… As soon as "Mick" started singing, the scene was completed. These guys truly believe they are the Stones, and do a great job of selling that belief with this song.
  • · You Can't Always Get What You Want – Anyone who's heard the version of this song from 'Rock and Roll Circus' will truly appreciate the quality of this rendition. The song opens with the sweet simplicity of the guitar riff, and is brought home when the vocals (which are so similar to a young Mick Jagger's, I got goosebumps) kick in.
  • · Just My Imagination – The version of this song from 'Still Life' could be easily replaced by Stikky Finger's rendition with very few eyebrows being raised. It's just that good! What else can I say?
  • · Gimme Shelter – This had hands-down the most beautiful reproduction of the original guitar intro I've ever heard! The vocals started off a little weak on this one but the groove was tight enough to make anyone just shut up and listen. Toward the middle of the song, the vocals finally sprang to life making me forget altogether that a female voice was missing from the mix.
  • · It's All Over Now – Another near-perfect reproduction of a Stones classic was accomplished on this track. The guitar solo sounded like a Stikky original, but flowed so nicely with the feel of the song, that it makes you wonder why it wasn't played like that in the original Stones recording.
  • · Angie – Awwwww… Absolute perfection.
  • · Paint It Black – The guitar intro was perhaps a little sloppy, but once the drum started beating, there was no doubt that these guys were about to pull together a blistering rendition of this classic. The lead guitar on this was outstanding to say the least.
  • · Miss You – This track wowed me from the second it jumped out of the starting gate! The Stones would do well to listen to how Stikky Fingers plays this song, and take notes! If there's anything wrong with Stikky's performance on this track, I couldn't find it.
  • · Little Queenie – Another slow-starter on this track. The first 30 seconds made me wonder who these guys were supposed to sound like, then it happens… Out of the blue this track which I was about to give up on starts to sound like it was taken right off of 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' The moral of the story: Don't ever give up on Stikky Fingers!
  • · Stikkyfingers
    Live at the MAG Farmyard – 19th June 2004
    Demon's Review
  • ·
    I am listening to this CD as I post this review. Here we go:
  • ·
    1. "Little Red Rooster"
    -vocals are Jagger bang on
    -guitar work is brilliant, perhaps a little bit 'cleaner' than the Stones would do
    -vocals…slurry, Jaggeresque
  • · 2. "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
    -oh, vocals even MORE Jaggeresque (nice surprise)
    -guitars are also Stones spot on
    -this is an EXACT replication of the album release by the Stones (not the concert versions)
    -the vocals are MORE Jagger-like when the voice is strained…..vocals CAN be heard clearly that it is NOT Mick singing (well, it isn't!!)
    -guitar work here is very well done, again perhaps a bit more clear/clean than the Stones would have done
    -the Stones' passion is heard in this tune
    -SUGGESTION: have the audience sing along as the Stones do
  • · 3."Just My Imagination" (any Temptations fans 'ere today?)
    -vocals are again very CLOSE, but one can tell it isn't Mick
    -again the vocals 'become' more Jagger-like when the voice is strained
    -now I'm hearing that classic Jagger 'T' and 'S' sounds in the articulation
    -guitar work here is weavingly brilliant (love it)
    -the end of the tune is cool….run,run run away!
  • · 4."Gimme Shelter"
    -OH, the opening is PURE Stones (and I'm fussy/picky)
    -opening guitar work is PURE Stones
    -vocals are PURE Jagger
    -the vocals are really Jagger because they aren't 'perfect', not really 'clean' in the sound
    -perfect riffing…..if I walked in on this one, I may think it's the Stones playing here
    -this is BY FAR the best one yet on this CD
    -the band sounds ragged, they DO need some shelter
    -true to the Stones, they avoided singing the 'rape' part as that is reserved for women to sing (Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer)
  • · 5."It's All Over Now'
    -vocals are PURE Jagger here again
    -guitar work is fine
    -same tempo as the Stones earlier days…..perhaps a tad too fast for my liking
    -the guitar work is too fast in the middle (during the vocal break)
    -very "Beatles' almost in the quickly paced guitar work
  • · 6."Angie" (I've reviewed this before)
    -still LOVE it
    -vocals are PURE Jagger…..especially in concert/video
    -guitar work is lovely (how can one not love this song?)
    -guitar work is still a bit too clean/clear for the Stones
    -the whispering part is pure Jagger
    -guitar weaving sounds MORE like Ronnie than Taylor's work (to me)
    -articulation is PURE Jagger
  • · 7."Paint It, Black"
    -very Stones…..this is NOT an easy one to replicate
    -lovely muscianship
    -(is that a sitar??)
    -guitars have that 'warped' feeling that we have in the original
    -ending is true to the Stones
    -one BIG difference here is this: I am able to understand all of the words, while with Jagger's vocals it's always a tad incoherent!!
  • · 8."Miss You"
    -I must say sraight away……this is NOT a fave of mine when the Stones do it
    -the vocals ARE Jagger here, but I feel the 'whooooooo-hoooooo-hoooooo's' could be a bit higher pitched
    -again, the words are understandable, unlike Jagger's vocals
    -OH, the harp work is beautiful….just lovely (nice surprise)
    -I like the way they have tossed in some of Jagger's little 'ticks'
    -guitar work is very good here, very Stones……not so 'clean' this time, that's good!
    -again, SUGGESTION: Perhaps get the audience to sing along!!
  • · 9."Little Queenie"
    -OH, beautifully done
    -true to the Stones being true to Chuck Berry
    -guitar work is perfectly Stones here
    -vocals are PURE Jagger here
    -this is a highlight for me!!
    -ONE SUGGESTION: again, to get that real Stones' thing going…….please start using more slurry, more unclear vocals
  • · There you have it guys! This is only my point of view……….please remember that I'm a really hard sell.
    I still say this is the best Stones' clone band I've ever heard. The "Blushing Brides" are very good…..they try to get the LOOK going, I think, more than the sound.
  • · Hope this review makes you feel good. Thanks for accepting some criticism, some suggestions.
    Keep up with your work, I'm certain it will 'take you places'.
  • · Check out the review at Nordic Stones Vikings here -"One of the best coverbands I heard in a long time when it comes to the Stones".


Whoo hoo!
I got my cd, Ian …and was playing it so loud that it made my neighbour come over! I'm still laughing….being told to keep it down at my age….thanks!

Its fantastic! Little Red Rooster just rocks! I could listen to it over and over…in fact my brother came in while it was on and said 'gawd!…you're not at it with the Stones again are u?'…..(wish I was.. )…but the point is he thought it was them!
…and when I told him different I got …'you've got to be kidding?' LOL!
You're guitar playing is just beautiful…and I loved the 'twists' on Paint It Black.
A surprise to hear 'Just My Imagination'?….and nicely done!
Now I have to say 'Miss You' was amazing! …at points I wouldn't have known it wasn't Keith wailin' away on that guitar and 'Angie' still makes me close my eyes (and then I see you in spandex football pants and it just confuses me.. )

Little Queenie….well it's just a perfect rendition that just blows your socks off!
I'm going to pass this around over here…so don't be surprised if you hear from a few strangers.

THANKYOU! THANKYOU! ..once again.